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  1. We used mixed models with random components to develop height-diameter (h-d) functions for mixed, uneven-aged stands in northwestern Durango (Mexico), considering the breast height diameter (d) and stand varia...

    Authors: Sacramento Corral-Rivas, Juan Gabriel Álvarez-González, Felipe Crecente-Campo and José Javier Corral-Rivas

    Citation: Forest Ecosystems 2014 1:6

    Content type: Research

    Published on:

  2. Studies on optimal stand management often make simplifications or restrict the choice of treatments. Examples of simplifications are neglecting natural regeneration that appears on a plantation site, omitting ...

    Authors: Timo Pukkala, Erkki Lähde and Olavi Laiho

    Citation: Forest Ecosystems 2014 1:3

    Content type: Research

    Published on:

  3. The objective of this contribution is to consider guides to technical writing. Since the professional writes what he does and does what he writes, guides to how you execute the one relate to how you perform th...

    Authors: Mike Mentis

    Citation: Forest Ecosystems 2014 1:2

    Content type: Review

    Published on: