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Thematic series

3D Remote Sensing for Forests – Progress and Perspective
Forest Ecosystems
Edited by: Yong Pang, Qinghua Guo, Huaguo Huang, Lin Cao, John Kershaw, Manuela Hirschmugl and Xinlian Liang
Open for submissions until 31 October 2022

National Forest Inventories – informing past, present and future decisions
Forest Ecosystems
Edited by: Erkki Tomppo, Ron Mcroberts, Clara Anton Fernandez, Iciar Alberdi and Johannes Breidenbach
Collection published: 24 March 2020

Modeling Forest Dynamics
Forest Ecosystems
Edited by: Dr Jerry Vanclay, Prof Chunyu Zhang, Gao Lushuang
Collection published: 30 September 2014

Forest Observational Studies
Forest Ecosystems
Edited by: Dr JOSE JAVIER CORRAL RIVAS, Dr Klaus Gadow, Dr Christian Wehenkel
Collection published: 30 July 2014