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Table 2 Overview of DBH measurement obtained using LiDAR in past 5 years (incomplete). TLS-S single-scan terrestrial laser scanning; TLS-M multi-scan terrestrial laser scanning, ALS airborne laser scanning, RANSAC random sample consensus, SVR support vector regression

From: Accuracy assessment and error analysis for diameter at breast height measurement of trees obtained using a novel backpack LiDAR system

ReferenceLiDARAlgorithmSample sizeMean DBHR2RMSE (mm)rRMSE
Olofsson et al. 2014TLS-SRANSAC14827.228.80.106
Wu et al. 2015ALSSVR8235.264.10.185
Srinivasan et al. 2015TLS-SCylinder fitting1450.9718.3
Bu and Wang 2016TLS-SOLS circle fitting7921.019.90.095
Liu et al. 2018a, 2018bTLS-MOLS circle fitting2613.30.97516.90.127
Fu et al. 2018ALSLogistic regression40223.50.52457.60.245
Liu et al. 2018a, 2018bTLS-MHough transform4615.50.91412.20.079