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Correction to: Delineating forest stands from grid data

The Original Article was published on 12 March 2020

Correction to: Forest Ecosystems

In the original publication of this article (Pukkala, 2020)

Fig. 6
figure 1

Basal areas and mean diameters of the five virtual stands generated for a sub-stand based on the mean and standard deviation of stand basal area and mean diameter and their correlation. The size of the circle represents the relative area of each virtual stand, calculated from multi-normal probability density function. In both cases, the average value of mean diameters of the cells that constitute the stand (D) is 25 cm and the average stand basal area of the cells (G) is 30 m2·ha 1. The standard deviations (in brackets) are larger on the left-hand-side diagram and thecorrelation between basal area and mean diameter is stronger

Fig. 6 is not correct, the correct figure is as below. The error in this Correction and low quality Fig. 4 and Fig. 5 have been updated in the original article and the caption of Fig. 5 was modified.


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