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A new book from Forest Ecosystems board member Dr. Arne Pommerening

New Content ItemOur Board Member Professor Arne Pommerening from Swedish University of Agricultural Sciences SLU has published a new book as part of his extracurricular work:

“I have always wanted to write such a book as a token of gratitude to all the great people I have met along my career path. This is my way of paying back for what they have given to me and passing on the blessings to others. The book has specifically been written from the perspective of someone who has worked in academia in different countries. First and foremost the ideas in the text are food for thought.

From the book you can perhaps get a better idea of how science is organised in Europe and America and this may help you in your publication efforts and strategies. I very much hope that the text is of use to you.”

New Content Item

Another textbook (Individual-based Methods in Forest Ecology and Management) is available on

Thank you, Prof. Pommerening, for your excellent work!

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