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The editors Klaus v. Gadow and Osbert Jianxin Sun have selected some recently published articles in Forest Ecosystems that they feel will be of particular interest to our readers.

Climate change-associated trends in biomass dynamics are consistent across soil drainage classes in western boreal forests of Canada
Eric B. SearleView and Han Y. H. Chen
Forest Ecosystems 2017 4:18
Published on: 17 October 2017

Toward managing mixed-species stands: from parametrization to prescription
Hans Pretzsch and Eric K. Zenner
Forest Ecosystems 2017 4:19
Published on: 10 October 2017

Demographic trends and climate over 35 years in the Barro Colorado 50 ha plot

Richard Condit, Rolando Pérez, Suzanne Lao, Salomón Aguilar and Stephen P. Hubbell
Forest Ecosystems 2017 4:17
Published on: 20 September 2017

An imputation/copula-based stochastic individual tree growth model for mixed species Acadian forests: a case study using the Nova Scotia permanent sample plot network

John A. KershawJr, Aaron R. Weiskittel, Michael B. Lavigne and Elizabeth McGarrigle
Forest Ecosystems 2017 4:15
Published on: 14 September 2017

Stand dynamics of the drought-affected floodplain forests of Araguaia River, Brazilian Amazon

Jürgen Homeier, Dariusz Kurzatkowski and Christoph Leuschner
Forest Ecosystems 2017 4:10
Published on: 3 July 2017

The influence of canopy-layer composition on understory plant diversity in southern temperate forests
Luciana Mestre, Mónica Toro-Manríquez, Rosina Soler, Alejandro Huertas-Herrera, Guillermo Martínez-Pastur and María Vanessa Lencinas
Forest Ecosystems 2017 4:6
Published on: 17 May 2017

The carbon fluxes in different successional stages: modelling the dynamics of tropical montane forests in South Ecuador

Sebastian Paulick, Claudia Dislich, Jürgen Homeier, Rico Fischer and Andreas Huth
Forest Ecosystems 2017 4:5
Published on: 11 May 2017

Integrating beneficiaries into assessment of ecosystem services from managed forests at the Hubbard Brook Experimental Forest, USA

Jesse Caputo, Colin M. Beier, Valerie A. Luzadis and Peter M. Groffman
Forest Ecosystems 2016 3:13
Published on: 24 May 2016

A decision framework for identifying models to estimate forest ecosystem services gains from restoration

Zachary L. Christin, Kenneth J. Bagstad and Michael A. Verdone
Forest Ecosystems 2016 3:3
Published on: 10 February 2016

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