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  1. Research

    Growth and yield of Solanum khasianum in Pinus roxburghii forest based silvi-medicinal system in mid hills of Indian Himalaya

    In mid hills of Western Himalayas, Himachal Pradesh India, growth, yield and economics of Solanum khasianum as a potential medicinal herb under Pinus roxburghii (Chir pine) plantation has been studied for two con...

    Chandra Shekher Sanwal, Raj Kumar, Raheel Anwar, Vijaysinha Kakade, Sushma Kerketta and S. D. Bhardwaj

    Forest Ecosystems 2016 3:19

    Published on: 12 August 2016

  2. Research

    Diversity and production in an Afromontane Forest

    This contribution evaluates the effect of forest structure and tree species diversity on plot productivity and individual tree growth in the unique Knysna forests in Southern Africa using mapped tree data from...

    Klaus v. Gadow, GongQiao Zhang, Graham Durrheim, David Drew and Armin Seydack

    Forest Ecosystems 2016 3:15

    Published on: 26 July 2016

  3. Research

    A multi-scale modelling framework to guide management of plant invasions in a transboundary context

    Attention has recently been drawn to the issue of transboundary invasions, where species introduced and naturalized in one country cross international borders and become problematic in neighbouring countries. ...

    João Martins, David M. Richardson, Renato Henriques, Elizabete Marchante, Hélia Marchante, Paulo Alves, Mirijam Gaertner, João P. Honrado and Joana R. Vicente

    Forest Ecosystems 2016 3:17

    Published on: 26 July 2016

  4. Research

    Seed production, seed dispersal and seedling establishment of two afromontane tree species in and around a church forest: implications for forest restoration

    Seed production, seed dispersal and seedling establishment are relevant life phases of plants. Understanding these processes and their patterns is essential to recognize vegetation dynamics and to apply it to ...

    Abrham Abiyu, Demel Teketay, Gerhard Glatzel and Georg Gratzer

    Forest Ecosystems 2016 3:16

    Published on: 26 July 2016

  5. Research

    Charcoal kiln sites, associated landscape attributes and historic forest conditions: DTM-based investigations in Hesse (Germany)

    An examination of the distribution of ancient charcoal kiln sites in the forest landscape seems to be worthwhile, since general trends in the selection of suitable kiln site locations in the past might become ...

    Marcus Schmidt, Andreas Mölder, Egbert Schönfelder, Falko Engel and Werner Fortmann-Valtink

    Forest Ecosystems 2016 3:8

    Published on: 19 March 2016

  6. Research

    Variability of European beech wood density as influenced by interactions between tree-ring growth and aspect

    Wood density is considered to be the most important predictor of wood quality but despite its importance, diffuse-porous tree species have been the subject of only a limited number of studies. The importance o...

    Daniela Diaconu, Marc Wassenberg and Heinrich Spiecker

    Forest Ecosystems 2016 3:6

    Published on: 27 February 2016

    The Erratum to this article has been published in Forest Ecosystems 2016 3:7

  7. Discussion

    Use of models in large-area forest surveys: comparing model-assisted, model-based and hybrid estimation

    This paper focuses on the use of models for increasing the precision of estimators in large-area forest surveys. It is motivated by the increasing availability of remotely sensed data, which facilitates the de...

    Göran Ståhl, Svetlana Saarela, Sebastian Schnell, Sören Holm, Johannes Breidenbach, Sean P. Healey, Paul L. Patterson, Steen Magnussen, Erik Næsset, Ronald E. McRoberts and Timothy G. Gregoire

    Forest Ecosystems 2016 3:5

    Published on: 18 February 2016

  8. Research

    Above-ground woody biomass allocation and within tree carbon and nutrient distribution of wild cherry (Prunus avium L.) – a case study

    The global search for new ways to sequester carbon has already reached agricultural lands. Such land constitutes a major potential carbon sink. The production of high value timber within agroforestry systems c...

    Christopher Morhart, Jonathan P. Sheppard, Johanna K. Schuler and Heinrich Spiecker

    Forest Ecosystems 2016 3:4

    Published on: 11 February 2016

  9. Research

    On the potential to predetermine dominant tree species based on sparse-density airborne laser scanning data for improving subsequent predictions of species-specific timber volumes

    Tree species recognition is the main bottleneck in remote sensing based inventories aiming to produce an input for species-specific growth and yield models. We hypothesized that a stratification of the target ...

    Janne Räty, Jari Vauhkonen, Matti Maltamo and Timo Tokola

    Forest Ecosystems 2016 3:1

    Published on: 30 January 2016

  10. Research

    Which trees should be removed in thinning treatments?

    In economically optimal management, trees that are removed in a thinning treatment should be selected on the basis of their value, relative value increment and the effect of removal on the growth of remaining ...

    Timo Pukkala, Erkki Lähde and Olavi Laiho

    Forest Ecosystems 2015 2:32

    Published on: 21 December 2015

  11. Research

    Optimal plot design in a multipurpose forest inventory

    We explore the factors affecting the optimal plot design (size and type as well as the subsample tree selection strategies within a plot) and their relative importance in defining the optimal plot design in am...

    Helena M. Henttonen and Annika Kangas

    Forest Ecosystems 2015 2:31

    Published on: 17 December 2015

  12. Research

    Estimation of conservation value of myrtle (Myrtus communis) using a contingent valuation method: a case study in a Dooreh forest area, Lorestan Province, Iran

    Around 2000 plant species occur naturally in Lorestan Province of which 250 species are medicinal and myrtle is one of them. Myrtle is a shrub whose leaves and fruits have medicinal value and thus, if managed ...

    Neda Amiri, Seyed F. Emadian, Asghar Fallah, Kamran Adeli and Hamid Amirnejad

    Forest Ecosystems 2015 2:30

    Published on: 3 November 2015

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