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Table 4 The carbon stock of plant debris across a successional gradient in the subalpine forest on eastern Qinghai-Tibet Plateau

From: Changes in plant debris and carbon stocks across a subalpine forest successional series

Successional series S1 S2 S3 S4 S5 S6
WD (Mg∙ha−1) 14.97c 10.00c 23.73bc 17.37c 38.69a 33.14ab
NWD (Mg∙ha−1) 0.55a 0.29bc 0.35bc 0.45ab 0.18c 0.34bc
Plant debris (Mg∙ha−1) 15.53c 10.30c 24.07bc 17.82c 38.87a 33.48ab
  1. Carbon stock is shown as means (n = 3). One-way ANOVA tests were applied six successional series in WD, NWD, and Plant debris. Values followed by different lowercase letters mean significant difference among six successional series at P = 0.05 level. WD Woody debris, NWD Non-woody debris, C Carbon