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Table 2 Changes in woody debris stock with decay classes and diameter sizes in the subalpine forest on eastern Qinghai-Tibet Plateau

From: Changes in plant debris and carbon stocks across a subalpine forest successional series

Decay classes Stock (Mg∙ha−1) Diameter sizes Stock (Mg∙ha−1)
I 11.66a D1 0.57c
II 8.77a D2 1.59c
III 13.56a D3 12.95b
IV 13.67a D4 13.24b
V 11.39a D5 35.38a
  1. Stock is shown as means (n = 3). One-way ANOVA tests were applied among five decay classes and five diameter sizes. Values followed by different lowercase letters mean significant difference among five decay classes or five diameter sizes at P = 0.05 level. D1–D5 indicated woody debris in diameter of 2 cm ≤ d < 5 cm, 5 cm ≤ d < 10 cm, 10 cm ≤ d < 20 cm, 20 cm ≤ d < 40 cm, d ≥ 40 cm, respectively