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Table 5 Estimated parameters of semivariogram based on the data of biomass carbon density and from cluster and outlier analysis for natural and planted coniferous forests

From: Spatial pattern and driving factors of biomass carbon density for natural and planted coniferous forests in mountainous terrain, eastern Loess Plateau of China

Forest typeDataModelNugget (C0)Sill (C0 + C)Nugget effect C0/(C0 + C)Range (km)RSSR2
NaturalBiomass carbon densityExponential0.26800.87100.69257.60.04450.728
Cluster and outlier analysisGaussian0.04700.55400.915885.10.00150.915
PlantedBiomass carbon densityExponential0.00400.03490.88715.30.00020.022
Custer and outlier analysisExponential0.03060.15920.8082133.00.00200.591
  1. RSS residual sum of squares; and R2, coefficient of determination