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Table 1 Variables considered in the analysis of Fagus sylvatica treeline elevation in different mountain groups within the Apennines

From: Climatic and anthropogenic factors explain the variability of Fagus sylvatica treeline elevation in fifteen mountain groups across the Apennines

Geographic & topographic
 Peak elevationm a.s.l.PE
 Distance from the seakmSD
  Mean annual temperature°CMAT
  Mean temperature of warmest month°CMTWM
  Mean temperature of coldest month°CMTCM
  Mean temperature of warmest quarter°CMTWQ
  Mean temperature of coldest quarter°CMTCQ
  Annual precipitationmm·y−1AP
 Population density within a 10.0 km radius around each mountain peak at three time points (1860, 1921, and 2011)n·km− 2HP 1860
HP 1921
HP 2011