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Table 6 Pearson’s correlation between rate of biomass accumulation and selected climatic variables

From: Climate change evidence in tree growth and stand productivity at the upper treeline ecotone in the Polar Ural Mountains

Growth period (5–8)Dormant period (p9–4)Growth period (5–8)MayJuneJulyAugust
 Open forest0.120.29*0.45*0.30*0.48*0.31*0.05
 Closed forest0.150.42*0.52*0.270.50*0.42*0.05
 Open forest−0.00− 0.010.37**0.30**0.49**0.110.01
 Closed forest0.140.32**0.44*0.35*0.46*0.210.02
  1. *N = 104, p < 0.01; **N = 73, p < 0.01