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Fig. 2

From: The importance of grain and cut-off size in shaping tree beta diversity along an elevational gradient in the northwest of Colombia

Fig. 2

Observed (BDobs), expected (BDexp), and standardized (BDdev) patterns of variation of β-diversity along the elevational gradient. β-deviation (BDdev) is taken as (BDobs – BDexp) /SDexp. Upper panel (A, B, C): large trees (DBH ≥ 10 cm). Middle panel (D, E, F): small trees (1 ≤ BDH < 10 cm) and Lower panel (G, H, I): all trees (DBH ≥ 1 cm). Large trees are taken into account in an area of 1-ha. Small and all the trees are taken into account in 0.16-ha plot

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