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Table 9 Results of the two one-sided t-tests of euivalence between model M6 and Chave et al. (2014) pantropic model

From: Allometric models for estimating aboveground biomass in the tropical woodlands of Ghana, West Africa

One-sample t-test for Upper-tailed test One-sample t-test for Lower-tailed test
Difference 1.6427 Difference −36.6614
t (Observed value) 4.7222 t (Observed value) −16.0874
t (Critical value) 1.6469 t (Critical value) −1.6469
DF 744 DF 744
p-value (one-tailed) < 0.0001 p-value (one-tailed) < 0.0001
alpha 0.05 alpha 0.05