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Table 3 Combination of predictors and model forms to be calibrated

From: Allometric models for estimating aboveground biomass in the tropical woodlands of Ghana, West Africa

Category Predictors(s) Model label Model form
I dbh M1 a1[\( {\left(\mathrm{dbh}\right)}^{2{b}_1} \)]
II dbh, ρ M2 a2[\( \rho {\left(\mathrm{dbh}\right)}^{2{b}_2} \)]
M3 a3\( \Big[{\left(\rho {\left(\mathrm{dbh}\right)}^2\right)}^{b_3} \)]
III dbh, H M4 a4[\( H{\left(\mathrm{dbh}\right)}^{2{b}_4} \)]
M5 a5[\( {\left({\left(\mathrm{dbh}\right)}^2H\right)}^{b_5} \)]
IV dbh, H, ρ M6 a6[\( \rho {\left({\left(\mathrm{dbh}\right)}^2H\right)}^{b_6} \)]
M7 a7[\( {\left(\rho {\left(\mathrm{dbh}\right)}^2H\right)}^{b_7} \)]
  1. Note: a1, a2, a3, a4, a5, a6, and a7 are allometric coefficients whereas b1, b2, b3, b4, b5, b6, and b7 are the allometric exponents