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Table 4 Forest net primary productivity (NPP) and its trends in China in recent decades according to previous studies

From: Variation of net primary productivity and its drivers in China’s forests during 2000–2018

Mean NPP
NPP trend
5671989–1993Scaling up methodNi 2003
606.31989–1993Scaling up methodNi 2003
627Increase1984–1998Geographically weighted regression modelWang et al. 2008
8431990sSpatial statistical approachesZhuang et al. 2009
> 500Increase1981–2000Sheffield dynamic global vegetation modelMao et al. 2010
420.1Increase1973–2008Relationship between biomass and NPPYu et al. 2014
840.2Increase2000–2018Statistics-based multiple regression modelThis paper