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Table 1 AGB plots and LiDAR sites per network in the Brazilian Amazon forest biome

From: Mapping data gaps to estimate biomass across Brazilian Amazon forests

 Field plotsLiDAR transects
Plots per network1362a1054731374a49458a1394a1365351 
LiDAR Transects 70 sites720 
Percent of plots from the total number of plots (%)25292619263100 
Area (ha)1362405115137417458279136404544,764575,094619,858
Total forest area (ha)        313,917,200
Percent of area from the total forest area (%)0.000430.000130.000040.000440.000010.000150.000900.000040.001320.0140.1830.197
Percent of total area (%, plots and LiDAR)0.20           
  1. Source: Tejada et al. (2019)
  2. RAINFOR Amazon Forest Inventory Network, SL Sustainable Landscapes, TEAM Tropical Ecology, Assessment and Monitoring, INPA National Institute of Amazon Research, PPBio Research Program for Biodiversity, TREES Tropical Ecosystems and Environmental Sciences Laboratory, NFI National Forest Inventory, EBA Improving biomass estimation methods for the Amazon
  3. aThe number of plots for INPA, PPBio and RadamBrasil refers to those with location information. In the case of the NFI, the number of plots are those measured or in the process of measurement and include 192 plots of forest concessions
  4. bIn the case of SL LiDAR data, they work with sites, not transects. Each site could have a different number of transects. They have 70 sites along the Brazilian Amazon