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Table 2 Shape characteristics of the estimated species segregation function \( \hat{\varPsi}^{\prime }(r) \) and the size segregation function \( \hat{Y}^{\prime }(r) \). Intercept – from linear regression, expression of maximum size segregation; Slope – from linear regression, expression of how rapidly \( \hat{\varPsi}^{\prime }(r) \) and \( \hat{Y}^{\prime }(r) \) tend towards a value of 0; Range – difference between average distance to first and 30th nearest neighbour, SSDL – sum of squares of deviation from linearity (Eq. 8)

From: Global woodland structure from local interactions: new nearest-neighbour functions for understanding the ontogenesis of global forest structure

PlotInterceptSlopeRange (m)SSDL
\( \hat{\varPsi}^{\prime }(r) \)\( \hat{Y}^{\prime }(r) \)\( \hat{\varPsi}^{\prime }(r) \)\( \hat{Y}^{\prime }(r) \)\( \hat{\varPsi}^{\prime }(r) \)\( \hat{Y}^{\prime }(r) \)
Da− 0.101− 0.0940.0170.0166.60.01850.0102
Jb0.1900.057−0.016− 0.0039.60.00360.0001