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Table 2 General linear mixed models (GLMM) for overall seedling and sapling densities, seedling density and sapling density. Only the results of the best models are displayed. ‘Taxon:Fence’: interaction between taxa and cattle presence; ‘Taxon:Season’: interaction between taxa and season. R2m: marginal R2 (fixed effects only), R2c: conditional R2 (fixed and random effects)

From: Selective and taxon-dependent effects of semi-feral cattle grazing on tree regeneration in an old-growth Mediterranean mountain forest

 Seedling + Sapling (R2m = 0.36, R2c = 0.85)Seedling (R2m = 0.30, R2c = 0.78)Sapling (R2m = 0.44, R2c = 0.87)
 ChisqDfPr (>Chisq)ChisqDfPr (>Chisq)ChisqDfPr (>Chisq)
Taxon: Fence197.515< 0.00180.915< 0.001357.815< 0.001
Taxon: Season21432< 0.00180.732< 0.001