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Table 2 Estimates of the fitting statistics of the hurdle models for the three groups of fungi. The estimates of the fitting statistics of the yield models not conditional on the probability of mushroom occurrence are shown between brackets. BIAS is the average error, RMSE is the root mean square error, AIC denotes the Akaike’s information criterion, LowB and UpB are the lower and upper bounds of the bootstrapped 95% confidence intervals

From: Yield models for predicting aboveground ectomycorrhizal fungal productivity in Pinus sylvestris and Pinus pinaster stands of northern Spain

 All ectomycorrhizal modelEdible modelMarketed model
BIAS (%)0.01−−
(−0.02)(−0.08)(− 0.01)(− 0.04)(− 0.08)(−0.02)(−0.2)(− 0.28)(− 0.14)
RMSE (%)0.940.920.941.