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Table 1 Comparison of species richness across two elevational zones in Gomo forest. Mean ± SD species richness is shown for the forest-dependent and forest generalist assemblage in each zone. P-values are Bonferroni-adjusted to account for multiple testing. Text in bold indicates a statistically significant difference across zones

From: Harvesting of forest products and implications for Afrotemperate bird communities in a montane forest of the Eastern Cape, South Africa

Bird diversity indicesMid-zone (Mean ± SD)High-zone (Mean ± SD)Test statistic
Forest-specialist richness (n = 18)9 ± 27 ± 2W = 15.5, p = 0.15
Forest generalist richness (n = 16)11 ± 18 ± 1t = − 4.55, df = 10.02, p = 0.01