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Table 5 Inclusion probabilities Pr (term k in) and term importance π for all model terms

From: Success factors for high-quality oak forest (Quercus robur, Q. petraea) regeneration

 \( \Pr\ \left(\mathsf{term}\ k\ \mathsf{in}\right) \)(%)Term importance π (%)
fct (Tree competition)10062.7
sm (Climate quotient Q)89.36.6
fct (Competitive vegetation)80.122
fct (Fencing)34.67.9
sm (Age of oak stand)14.30.2
sm (Shrub competition)9.60.4
sm (Stand size)3.60
fct (Preceding land-use type)1.10
fct (Regeneration method)0.30
fct (Landscape type)0.30
lin (Shrub competition)0.30
lin (Canopy layer cover)0.30
lin (Age of oak stand)0.30
fct (Status of water supply)0.30
fct (Status of nutrient supply)0.30
sm (Canopy layer cover)0.30
lin (Stand size)0.30
fct (Browsing)0.30
lin (Climate quotient Q)0.30
fct (Young growth tending)0.30
fct (Site preparation)0.30