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Table 2 Levels and attributes used in the scenarios to assess the socio-economic availability of forest residues

From: A technical and socioeconomic approach to estimate forest residues as a feedstock for bioenergy in northern Mexico

Attributes Description Levels Status quo
Woody biomass utilization (%) The percentage of total residues that will be removed from the site. 85 40 15 0
Perceived accessibility (numeric code) The perceived ability to extract forest residues based on roads, distance, and topography. Good (2) Reduced (−1) Medium (1) Original (0)
Environmental impact (numeric code) Perceived impacts to soil quality, water quality, and biodiversity. High (−1) Medium (1) Little (2) None (0)
Number of jobs Potential jobs created as a result of the extraction of forest residues. 20 11 5 0
Price (MEX$ per t) The amount of MEX$ per t that will be paid to landowners (stumpage price). $220 $110 $40 $0