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Fig. 3

From: Associations between forest vegetation and the fertility of soil organic horizons in northwestern Russia

Fig. 3

NMDS ordination of the vegetation data with fitted vectors. Vectors show the direction and strength of the linear correlations of the environmental variables with the plot scores. a) Climatic and BC horizon characteristics: ST5 - sum of effective temperatures, SP5-precipitation at the period of the effective temperatures, PYEAR – total precipitation; pH, total Ca, total K, total Mg, total Na - characteristics of BC horizon. b) Functional group covers, species richness and tree stand variables: Li – lichens, GM - green mosses, Dw – dwarf shrubs, Gr – grasses + herbs, SR – species density, V – stand volume, M – mean height, D – mean diameter. c) The soil organic horizon characteristics, including C/N and nutrients

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