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Table 1 Groups of ecosystem services defined by the Environment Ministry (MMA), Chile

From: Multicriteria spatial analysis applied to identifying ecosystem services in mixed-use river catchment areas in south central Chile

Code Provision Ecosystem Services
APR Rural Drinking Water
APU Urban Drinking Water
RIE Irrigation
PRI Industrial processes
PDV Sport fishing
PAR Artisanal fishing
PIN Industrial fishing
ACUI Aquaculture
HCU Hydrocultures
JAN Energy (hydroelectric, biomass and geothermal - in process)
ARD Sand and gravel
PLM Medicinal plants
TRA Transport
APS Pasture, livestock (watering points, summer grazing, dairies)
MAD Wood
ALG Algae (micro and macro)
AMI Mineral water (in process)
FLO Flora (except algae)
FAU Fauna
ABA Hot mineral water and mud
PSE Seed production
AMA Management areas (natural banks)
HAT Hatcheries (in process)
ART Handicrafts and weaving
PFNM Non wood forest products
PURI Slurry and dung
Code Regulation Ecosystem Services
DDC Elimination of dilution with non-organic pollutants
RCO Regulation of organic pollution
RCT Regulation of thermal pollution
RCL Climate regulation (micro and macro)
RSE Sediment retention
RIN Flood regulation
RGE Erosion regulation
RPS Regulation of primary /secondary productivity
RCN Nutrient cycle regulation
CES Surface run-off control
CCO CO2 sequestration
ANH Natural attenuation - hydrological/hydrogeological variability
DCC Degradation of pollutant loads
CRE Resilience
ATS Tsunami attenuation.
Code Cultural Ecosystem Services
CTT Thermal centres
EXC Excursions (without accomodation) (EXC)
BAL Bathing resorts (resolution by DIRECTEMAR)
CRE Recreation centres (CR)
TUR Tourism (with accomodation) (TUR)
BEE Natural beauty (BES)
VET Ethnic value (VET)
DNA Watersports
CEI Science and research (CIN)
EDU Education (EDU)
SCE Ceremonial sites
CPE Fishing quays
NAV Navigation (with or without motor)
VCE Cultural value of particular species
MNC Non-conventional medicine (MECON)
PFN PFNM products (clothes dyes, handicrafts, bee-keeping)
SIG Quiet enjoyment (legal term)