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Table 4 The 22 tree taxa occurring in the Mediterranean-European region but not considered in the GlobalTreeSearch database (; see also Beech et al. 2017)

From: What is a tree in the Mediterranean Basin hotspot? A critical analysis

Tree taxa Family Potential explanation
Abies borisii-regis Pinaceae Taxonomy
Alnus lusitanica Betulaceae Recent description
Alnus rohlenae Betulaceae Recent description
Buxus balearica Buxaceae Shrub
Cotoneaster granatensis Rosaceae Shrub
Crataegus laciniata Rosaceae Shrub
Crataegus nevadensis Rosaceae Shrub
Fontanesia philliraeoides Oleaceae Shrub
Juniperus deltoides Cupressaceae Recent description
Juniperus navicularis Cupressaceae Taxonomy
Myrica faya Myricaceae Shrub
Nerium oleander Apocynaceae Shrub
Phillyrea angustifolia Oleaceae Shrub
Pyrus pyraster Rosaceae Shrub
Quercus gussonei Fagaceae Taxonomy
Rhododendron ponticum Ericaceae Shrub
Salix amplexicaulis Salicaceae Shrub
Salix apennina Salicaceae Shrub
Salix arrigonii Salicaceae Knowledge gap
Salix fragilis Salicaceae Shrub
Salix xanthicola Salicaceae Shrub
Spartium junceum Fabaceae Shrub