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Table 2 Benefits of planting Acacia mangium in terms of land restoration, C sequestration, soil fertility and tree production in different ecosystems

From: Acacia mangium Willd: benefits and threats associated with its increasing use around the world

Original ecosystem / habitat Current ecosystem Country Soil type Soil fertility Tree productivity Reference
Nitrogen status Phosphorus status Carbon status Soil fauna/ microbial status
Savannas Acacia plantations Republic of Congo Arenosols NA NA NA Higher activity of macroar-thropods, incl. Cockroaches NA Bernhard-Reversat 1993
Degraded areas Revegetating tailing tanks Brazil Tropical soils Increased (190 kg of N ha−1∙y−1) NA Increased NA NA Franco and de Faria, 1997
Eucalyptus siebiri Mixed-species plantations Australia Sandy clay loam + NA Increased soil C NA Increased Forrester et al. 2013
Pinus massoniana plantation Eucalypt and acacia plantations (1978) China Oxisol Increase in NH4-N, NO3-N, and total N in the mixed species plantations NA Increase in total C Changes in microbial communities NA Huang et al. 2014
Plantations Mixed-species plantations with A. mangium Malaysia Haplic Alisols More N in the litterfall Less P in the litterfall NA NA NA Inagaki et al. 2011
Savannas/ Eucalypt plantations (1984) Eucalypt and acacia plantations (2004) Republic of Congo Arenosols Increase in N stocks (0–0.25 m)/ Increase in N contents of coarse POM (4–0.25 mm)
Increase in N mineralization in pure acacia
Decrease in available P in the mixed species stands (0–0.15 m) Increase in C stocks (0–0.25 m) NA Eucalypt benefits from N2 fixed by acacia Koutika et al. 2014; Koutika et al. 2017; Epron et al. 2013; Tchichelle et al. 2017
Degraded lands with low fertility A. mangium plantations Malaysia   NA NA Increased NA Increased Lee et al. 2015
Eucalyptus Eucalypt and acacia plantations Brazil Ferralsol Higher activity of microbial and bacterial communities Pereira et al. 2017, Pereira et al. 2018
Degraded tropical lands A. mangium Vietnam Increased NA NA NA NA Sang et al. 2013
Fallow for more than 15 years Eucalypt and acacia plantations Brazil Haplic Planosol More N in the litterfall of acacia vs eucalypt More P in the litterfall of eucalypt vs acacia NA NA
High microbial activity
Eucalypt benefits from N2 fixed by acacia Santos et al. 2017a; Santos et al. 2017b;
Disturbed evergreen broadleaved forest Restored forest with A. mangium and A. auriculiformis China Red soil + NA + + Good nurse plants for understory species Yang et al. 2009
Degraded lands Mixed species plantations China 20%–50% higher N than non-N-fixers counterpart 40%–50% higher SOM than non-N-fixers counter-part NA Land restoration Wang et al. 2010
  1. NA Not Available
  2. “+” and “-” indicate positive and negative effects, respectively