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Table 1 Characteristics of the eight forest types from which empirical data were collected for evaluation of LIS precision

From: Influence of transect length and downed woody debris abundance on precision of the line-intersect sampling method

Site Forest type No. locations Mean (range)
DWD vol. (m3∙ha−1)
Howland Forest, Maine Spruce-hemlock 3 25 (17–36)
BBEW, Maine Northern hardwoods 4 46 (32–61)
PEF, Maine Hemlock-white pine 3 52 (35–66)
Baxter SFMA, Maine Red spruce 3 55 (42–70)
Various, Minnesota Red pine 7 81 (51–137)
BEF, New Hampshire Mixed conifer-hardwood 3 84 (58–111)
Various, Minnesota Black ash 6 126 (70–243)
BRFR, Maine Northern white-cedar 4 258 (205–323)
  1. Note: BBEW Bear Brook Experimental Watershed, PEF Penobscot Experimental Forest, SFMA Scientific Forest Management Area of Baxter State Park, BEF Bartlett Experimental Forest, BRFR Big Reed Forest Reserve. See Methods for descriptions of forest types