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Table 1 Information on sampling site, urbanity grade classification, cardinal direction of sampling site and ground water level of the sampled African mahogany (Khaya senegalensis) trees in Hanoi

From: Effects of the urban heat island and climate change on the growth of Khaya senegalensis in Hanoi, Vietnam

No. Name of site No. of trees Urbanity grade Cardinal direction Ground water levela
1 Dong Ang 18 rural North high
2 Dong Ang 5 rural North high
3 Dan Phuong 4 rural West high
4 Hoai Duc 12 rural West high
5 Hoai Duc 13 rural West high
6 Dong Ang 5 rual North high
7 Dong Ang 11 suburban North high
8 City center 5 urban Center low
9 CIty center 10 suburban Center low
10 City center 11 suburban Center low
11 City center 11 suburban Center low
12 City center 9 urban East high
13 City center 11 urban East high
14 City center 5 urban Center low
15 City center 15 urban East high
16 City center 14 urban East high
  1. aBased on Phi and Strokova (2015)