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Table 5 Year of storm event (i.e. decomposition time) and elevation for the 7 study sites

From: Nutrient retention and release in coarse woody debris of three important central European tree species and the use of NIRS to determine deadwood chemical properties

Year of storm event   Elevation (m a.s.l.)  
100 600 900
1999 Biw (spruce, pine), FdH (beech) Roe (beech, spruce, pine) Lot (beech, spruce)
1990   Hof (beech), Sig (spruce, pine)  
1972 Kib (spruce, pine)   
  1. Biw Bienwald, FdH Forêt de Haguenau, Roe Röttlerwald, Lot Lotharpfad, Hof Hofstatt, Sig Silbersandgrube, Kib Kiekenbruch