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Table 9 Mean bias and RMSE for estimating cubic volume including top and stump obtained from fitted taper equations (M4), volume equations fitted in this study (Local), and the volume equations used by FIA-PNW. Evaluation statistics for each dataset were obtained by using leave-one-out cross validation method i.e. bias and RMSE for dataset I were obtained by applying the models fitted using datasets II and III

From: Estimating upper stem diameters and volume of Douglas-fir and Western hemlock trees in the Pacific northwest

Species Model Bias
Douglas-fir M4 −0.0656 0.2721
Local −0.0103 0.2525
FIA-PNW −0.0185 0.2235
Western hemlock M4 −0.0137 0.4292
Local 0.0287 0.4234
FIA-PNW −0.0866 0.2990