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Table 6 Summary of estimated total area of privately owned native forests where timber harvesting is allowed and for harvestable areas with slope < 25 degrees (based on 2013 vegetation cover) in local government area in Southeast Queensland with estimated biomass for bioenergy >1 million tonnes

From: Estimating potential harvestable biomass for bioenergy from sustainably managed private native forests in Southeast Queensland, Australia

Local Government Area Total forest area (ha) Harvestable forest area (ha) Biomass for bioenergy (t)
Gladstone Regional 173,000 167,000 2,444,000
North Burnett Regional 112,000 108,000 1,562,000
Bundaberg Regional 109,000 107,000 1,558,000
Gympie Regional 82,000 77,000 1,326,000
Somerset Regional 68,000 64,000 1,085,000