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Table 1 Estimated area of private native forest where timber harvesting is allowed and the harvestable area with slope < 25 degrees for corresponding broad vegetation groups (BVG) in Southeast Queensland in 2013

From: Estimating potential harvestable biomass for bioenergy from sustainably managed private native forests in Southeast Queensland, Australia

BVG Vegetation description and dominant species Allowed area (ha) Harvest area (ha)
2a Complex evergreen notophyll vine forest with Araucaria cunninghamii (hoop pine) 26,203 22,253
8a Wet tall open forest dominated by Eucalyptus grandis or E. saligna 5990 5877
8b Moist open forests to tall open forests dominated by Eucalyptus pilularis 22,825 21,189
9a Moist eucalypt open forests dominated by Eucalyptus siderophloia plus others 92,437 83,859
9 g Forests dominated by stringybarks or mahoganies 58,367 56,383
9 h Dry woodlands dominated by Eucalyptus acmenoides plus others 85,458 82,754
10b Moist open forests dominated by Corymbia citriodora (spotted gum) 378,823 364,261
11a Open forests dominated by Eucalyptus orgadophila, E. tereticornis and others, mainly on basalt 17,555 13,921
12a Dry woodlands dominated by ironbarks, mainly on sandstone and weathered rocks 22,194 21,493
13c Woodlands of Eucalyptus crebra, E. drepanophylla, mainly on metamorphic or acid igneous rocks 77,953 73,670
13d Woodlands dominated by Eucalyptus moluccana 42,159 41,746
16c Woodlands dominated by Eucalyptus tereticornis 52,426 52,208
22a Open forests and woodlands dominated by Melaleuca quinquenervia 5120 5120
  Totals 887,509 844,732