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Table 2 List of priors used to infer ACS changes in a Bayesian framework

From: Key drivers of ecosystem recovery after disturbance in a neotropical forest

Model Parameter Prior Justification
Sg \(\alpha ^{Sg}_{p}\) \(\mathcal {U}(10,200)\) Around 100 survivors/ha storing 0.1 to 2.0 MgC each
Sg \(\beta ^{Sg}_{j,t}\) \(\mathcal {U}(0,0.25)\) \(12<{t^{Sg}_{0.95}}^{*}<+\infty \)
Sl \(\beta ^{Sl}_{j,t}\) \(\mathcal {U}(0,\beta ^{Sg}_{j,t})\) \(t^{Sg}_{0.95}<{t^{Sl}_{0.95}}^{*}<+\infty \)
Rr \(\alpha ^{Rr}_{p}\) \(\mathcal {U}(0.1,1)\) TmFO observed values (Piponiot et al. 2016b)
Rr \(\beta ^{Rr}_{j,t}\) \(\mathcal {U}(0,0.75)\) \(4<{t^{Rr}_{0.95}}^{*}<+\infty \)
Rr \(\alpha ^{Rg}_{p}\) \(\mathcal {U}(0.1,3)\) Amazonian values (Johnson et al. 2016)
Rr \(\beta ^{Rg}_{j,t}\) \(\mathcal {U}(0,0.5)\) \(6<{t^{Rg}_{0.95}}^{*}<+\infty \)
Rr \(\beta ^{Rl}_{j,t}\) \(\mathcal {U}(0,0.5)\) \(6<{t^{Rl}_{0.95}}^{*}<+\infty \)
All models M \(\lambda ^{M}_{l}\) \(\mathcal {U}(-\beta ^{M}_{j,t},\beta ^{M}_{j,t})\) avoid multicollinearity problems
  1. Models are : (Sg) survivors’ ACS growth, (Sl) survivors’ ACS loss, (Rr) new recruits’ ACS, (Rg) recruits’ ACS growth, (Rl) recruits’ ACS loss
  2. * t0.95 is the time when the ACS change has reached 95% of its asymptotic value
  3. **M is one of the five models, either Sg, Sl, Rr, Rg or Rl