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Table 3 Species richness and density of regenerating tree species in the three conservation zones. The results are from 40 initial random subplots per zone

From: Fujian cypress and two other threatened tree species in three conservation zones of a nature reserve in north-western Vietnam

  Core zone Buffer zone Restoration zone
Observed species richness (trees<6cm, sp. per 40 subplots) 133 130 80
Tree density (trees<6cm∙subplots−1) 31.9 ± 22.6a 24.7 ± 16.6ab 22.2 ± 12.1b
F. hodginsii (trees<6cm∙(40 subplots)−1) 2 0 2
A. spectabilis (trees<6cm∙(40 subplots)−1) 2 2 0
Q. platycalyx (trees<6cm∙(40 subplots)−1) 7 1 3
  1. Significant differences in tree density of three zones at the level of p ≤ 0.05 were indicated in different superscript letters. Numbers are means and standard deviations