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Table 1 Biophysical attributes of the three Siberian larch stands in Altansumber

From: Climate-growth relationships and pointer year analysis of a Siberian larch (Larix sibirica Ledeb.) chronology from the Mongolian mountain forest steppe compared to white birch (Betula platyphylla Sukaczev)

Stand Location (lat/long) Elevation (m. a.s.l.) Aspect Number of plots Plot size (m2) Past disturbances Density (Stems∙ha–1) Basal area (m2∙ha–1) Mean dbh (cm)
LI 49°28′57.96′′N/105°31′40.95′′E 911 NW 3 2500 fire 1389 15.292 11.0
LII 49°28′52.54′′N/105°30′34.26′′E 976 NW 3 2500 fire; logg. 565 23.179 21.8
LIII 49°29′30.34′′N/105°30′29.15′′E 913 N 3 2500 fire; logg. 232 17.475 30.2
  1. L larch stands (85%–100% larch trees), LI larch stand with dominantly small diameters, LII larch stand with relatively medium diameters, LIII larch stand with relatively large diameters, fire signs of fire impact, logg. signs of previous logging (stumps)