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Fig. 5

From: Stand dynamics of the drought-affected floodplain forests of Araguaia River, Brazilian Amazon

Fig. 5

Mortality and recruitment of species grouped by habitat preference. Mean annual mortality and recruitment rates of the twelve common tree species (see Table 2) in the AF and NAF plots. The species are categorized according to their forest type preference into AF-species (Alibertia edulis, Inga marginata, Mouriri guianensis, Piranhea trifoliata and Saccelium brasiliense) and NAF-species (Albizia hassleri, Brosimum rubescens, Combretum leprosum, Cordia sellowiana, Protium heptaphyllum, Protium paniculatum and Xylopia frutescens). There are no significant differences between compared species groups or between forest types

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