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Table 1 Site characteristics for Wetzstein (Rebmann et al. 2010; Martina Mundt, personal communication) and Tharandt (Grünwald and Bernhofer 2007)

From: Estimating the carbon fluxes of forests with an individual-based forest model

  Wetzstein Tharandt
Location 50°27’N, 11°27’E 50°57’N, 13°34’E
Time period 2003–2008 1999–2004
Date of inventory 2004 1999
Stand age (a) 50 108
Stand density (ha−1) 410 477a
Mean stem diameter (dbh) (m) 0.33 0.33
Leaf area index (m2∙m−2) 7.0b 7.7
Elevation (m) 792 380
Annual mean temperature (°C) 6.5 8.8
Annual mean precipitation (mm∙a−1) 810 673
Annual mean PPFD (μmol∙m−2∙s−1) 489 583
  1. Climatological means were calculated from data obtained during the investigated time period
  2. aIn April 2002, the number of trees was reduced by approximately 30% due to tree cutting. bProjected area, measured with LAI 2000 (LiCor)