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Table 2 Description of specific cost information

From: Life cycle cost and economic assessment of biochar-based bioenergy production and biochar land application in Northwestern Ontario, Canada

Variable Description Source
Total life cycle cost (LCC) LCC t  = MSC t  + FCC t  + TC t  + SPC t  + PC t  + LAC t This study
Machine and Setup Cost (MSC) • Planning—Feasibility study • Environmental Impact Assessment (EIA) and development services • Detailed Engineering Design • Industry renewal fee • Plant site Construction costs and maintenance in every 5 years. • Equipment base price and delivery • Plant Set Up and maintenance MOECC 2015; PowerMax 2015, Pers. Comm.
Feedstock Collection Cost (FCC) • Forest Harvest Residue (FHR) • FHR-Labor—and related • Saw Mill Residue (SMR) • SMR-Labor- and related • Underutilized trees (UTS) • UTS-Labor- and related AAFC 2008; Gautam et al. 2010, Pers. Comm. with harvesters; Upadhyay et al. 2012
Transportation Cost (TC) • Feedstock Transportation to Storage • Transportation from storage to Pyrolysis Facility • Biochar Transportation to Land • Bio-oil Syngas Transportation to market AAFC 2008; Alam et al. 2012, Pers. Comm.
Storage/Processing Cost (SPC) • Storage • Grinding/Pelletization Cost AAFC 2008; WPAC 2013, Pers. Comm.
Pyrolysis Cost (PC) • Cost of plant operation • Skilled labour/ Product Testing • Pyrolyzed Products storage NREL 2010; IRENA 2012
Land Application Cost (LAC) • Material handling, tractor and fuel costs • Transportation and skilled labour costs • Other incidental cost (2 %) Pers. Comm. with independent applicators