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Table 1 Summary of demographic and response data from a survey pertaining to perceived importance of forest ecosystem services in Grafton County, NH, USA

From: Integrating beneficiaries into assessment of ecosystem services from managed forests at the Hubbard Brook Experimental Forest, USA

Variable Value
Age, median 53 years
Percent identifying as male 50.0 %
Percent identifying solely as white 100 %
Percent with Bachelor’s or Graduate degree 72.3 %
Percent earning less than $50,000 year−1 31.0 %
Percent owning forestland 44.9 %
Median area of forestland owned by those who own forestland 6.5 acres (2.6 ha)
Percent deriving income from forests 12.2 %
Percent believing that forests are VERY or EXTREMELY important in improving and maintaining quality of life for themselves and their families 81.6 %
Number of responses 51
Adjusted response rate 5.9 %