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Table 6 Net primary production (NPP) of different forests of the World

From: Effect of disturbance on biomass, production and carbon dynamics in moist tropical forest of eastern Nepal

Locality and forest types NPP (Mg C∙ha−1∙yr−1) References
Aboveground Belowground Total
Amazonia 10.0–14.4 (Malhi et al. 2009)
Peru (W. Amazonia) 14.2–15.1 (Malhi et al. 2014)
Global (Old tropical) 3.1–21.7 (Chave et al. 2001)
Central French Guiana (Lowland tropical rain) 8.81 (Chave et al. 2008)
Africa (Tropical) 11.51 (Bombelli et al. 2009)
Nepal (Moist tropical Plateau Sal) 14.89 7.21 22.1 ± 1.4 (Mandal 1999)
Nepal (Moist tropical) 10.97–19.93 3.94–6.65 14.91–26.58 Present study