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Table 1 Key characteristics of the eight NFIs in China

From: The national forest inventory in China: history - results - international context

NFIs Period Key characteristics
NFI1 1973–1976 Based on county-level inventory, in most regions the inventory was not unified for the whole country
NFI2 1977–1981 The continuous forest inventory (CFI) method was applied, establishing an effective foundation for national monitoring
NFI3 1984–1988 The 1st re-inventory based on the CFI system, providing the changes on both quantity and quality of forest resources
NFI4 1989–1993 4 national forest monitoring centers were set up, which were responsible for quality check, statistical compilation, and output reporting for different regions
NFI5 1994–1998 The UNDP CPR 91/151 project was executed, and new technologies such as “3S” (RS-remote sensing, GPS-global positioning system, GIS-geographic information system) were started
NFI6 1999–2003 Remote sensing was widely applied, and full-coverage inventory for the mainland of China was achieved
NFI7 2004–2008 Several ecological variables were added, and forest ecological services in the whole country were evaluated
NFI8 2009–2013 Modeling of tree biomass equations for main tree species in China has been actively pursued