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Figure 1

From: Silvicultural alternatives to conventional even-aged forest management - what limits global adoption?

Figure 1

Examples of efforts to apply alternative silvicultural regimes. Countries with notable examples of alternative silviculture practices are in red. Associated text boxes display the common terminology used for alternative silvicultural practices in that region. *For more information about close-to-nature forestry in central Europe see Jacobsen (2001), continuous cover forestry see Mason et al. (2003), ecological forestry in the USA, see Franklin et al. (2007), ecosystem management in the USA see Kohm and Franklin (1997), multipurpose forestry in China see Lu et al. (2013), natural disturbance-based management in Canada see Bergeron et al. (2002), nature oriented forestry in Finland see Kuuluvainen (2009), reduced impact logging in southeast Asia see Putz et al. (2008), retention forestry in Chile see Donoso and Promis (2013), systemic silviculture in Italy see Ciancio and Nocentini (2011), and variable retention in Tasmania see Baker and Read (2011).

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