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Table 2 Model parameters. R2 and RMSE have been calculated for the back-transformed non-logarithmic height increment

From: Height increment of understorey Norway spruces under different tree canopies

Predictor Coefficient Estimate
Constant b0 −0.437
h b1 0.162
SI b2 0.0138
P b3 −0.00653
G b4 −0.0108
G s b5 −0.0335
D b6 0.157
  s(u j ) 0.466
  s(e ij ) 0.533
  R2 Fixed 0.5101)
  R2 Full 0.773(2)
  N 5601
  RMSE Fixed 9.45(1)
  RMSE Full 6.43(2)
  1. (1)Calculated for the fixed part of the mixed-effects model.
  2. (2)Calculated for the full mixed-effects model, including the random plot factor.